PICC Nurse Salary Increases Your Income

PICC or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter nurses are registered nurses (RNs) who possess a certification in vascular access. Just like most medical positions, the demand for PICC nurses goes strong and offers more jobs to medical workers in the country. The PICC nurse salary is considerably good, which attracts more individuals to become part of the expanding medical field. PICC workers are assigned to perform evaluation on their patients. They will assess the condition of their patients who needs access to peripherally inserted central catheter. Their next task is to insert catheter to the patients. PICC nurses are responsible for the catheter placement under the supervision of doctors.

Workers must get proper training and practice before getting employed as PICC nurses. The task of inserting catheters can be really crucial. It needs an expert who can place the catheter perfectly to the patient. The PICC nurse salary is very rewarding to nurses functioning in a stressful work environment. PICC nurses must also see that the inserted catheter is working properly. He or she may record every progress of the catheter placement. PICC workers are also trusted to give post-care instructions to patients.

Individuals who want to work as PICC nurses should obtain a valid working certification. Registered nurses are qualified to apply for PICC positions. By getting a certification, you can work and earn the PICC nurse salary . The certification program usually last for six months. Applicants must perform ten catheter placements to become certified. If you have completed the PICC certification program, you can already work in any medical facilities across the country. Also, PICC nurses must do at least thirty placements a year to maintain the certification.

Most Americans are interested to work as nurses because of the salary that medical facilities provide to their workers. The PICC nurse salary is actually good for those who are looking for a better income. SimplyHired.com shows that the annual median salary for PICC nurses is $58,000. However, the salaries of PICC nurses may vary due to some factors like location and working experience. For example, the annual salary of PICC workers in Lowell, Massachusetts is $90,000 while Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas nurses receive an average $78,000 per year.