Know the Average Nurse Salary by State

There are many reasons why you should work in the US as a nurse, especially with the salary. It is estimated that nurses ought to receive about $63.00 per hour, depending on the work shift. However, there are many factors that affect the average nurse salary by state. Say for example, in New York, the average pay for nurses reaches about $40,000 to $85,000 per year. In Houston, the salary of a nurse ranges from $40,000 to $78,000. In Los Angeles, the pay is much higher with over $86,000 per year. In Chicago, the pay is much lower, as nurses are paid from $38,000 to $77,000. Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas, and Maryland have almost the same pay, which reaches about $40,000 to $80,000.

The average nurse salary by state depends on the job. For registered nurses with no experience, you could get about $25.61 per hour. For certified nurse assistants, the pay could be $10.41. Licensed practical nurses have a much higher pay than certified nurse assistants with over $17.36. Registered nurses, which are needed in the emergency room, have a much higher pay because they have tons of responsibilities. Their pay could reach about $27.28 per hour. The same goes with nurses needed in the operating room with $28.55 per hour pay.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top paying average nurse salary by state include California, Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii, and New Jersey. However, among these states, the highest paying state is California with nurses earning almost $84,000 a year. Other states in the top paying states give salary in about $73,160 to $79390. Compared to other states in the US, these states pay a much higher salary, not only on a monthly basis but also in an hourly rate.

If there are states that pay high salary, there are also some states that offer low salary. This includes states of Delaware, Oregon, Alaska, and Connecticut. These worst paying states offer only $22 to $23 per hour. Compared to other states, which have been mentioned earlier, these states are the worst for nurses. In addition, if you are a new grad, you might find the rates low. But once you got enough experience, you are sure to get a much higher salary as a nurse. If you want to get a better pay, then you have to know the average nurse salary by state.