Being a Licensed Practical Nurse in BC

Healthcare professionals are in demand all across Canada. In British Columbia, the demand for these personnel is greater than ever because of the rapid increase in population. There are over 75,000 LPNs in the country which is the second largest cluster of nurses following registered nurses. In addition to this, the province has the steepest number for Registered Nurses ready to retire. Long-term care needs are also expected to augment because of the increasing elderly population. This entails that the demand for Licensed Practical Nurse in BC will be higher than the demand for RNs.
For those interested in being a Licensed Practical Nurse in BC, they have to pass the exam administered by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses in British Columbia. Since March 22, 1996, the exam is under the Health Professions Act. It is regulated by the college in conformity with the Act, the bylaws of the college and Nurses (Licensed Practical) Regulation. They have been developing a comprehensive Entry-Level Competency Profile for British Columbia’s Licensed Practical Nurses which is a detailed and specific depiction of the behavior, skills, attitude, judgment, values, attitude and beliefs in the profession. For more information, they are located at Suite 260-3480 Gilmore Way Curnaby BC V5G 4Y1. Call them up at 778-373-3100.
The application starts when a student has graduated from a recognized B.C Practical Nurse program. The school will send the list of students to CLPNBC. Once the list, the application and fee has been received, the student is now eligible to challenge the next Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam. The exam is composed of 230-250 multiple choice questions contained in two test books developed by Licensed Practical Nurse in BC educators, administrators, and clinicians all across the country.

In passing the exam, a candidate will be sent with a registration form and return it to the CLPNBC enclosing it with the payment. This means the applicant is now a Licensed Practical Nurse in BC and can now apply for an LPN entry level job. However, if an individual failed to pass the exam, he or she can re-take the test three times within two years.