Assistant Director of Nursing Job Description

The director of nursing is the commander-in-chief in the nursing department of hospitals. This position is followed by the assistant director, who is next in command. The licensed practical registered nurses often aim to move up to this position. The assistant director helps with the functions of the department of nursing in the hospital. The assistant director of nursing job description includes the role to look after the administrative and nursing support staff. The assistant director is held liable for making sure that the shifts have the adequate workforce.

Often, the assistant director may have to convene with the director to name and address the problems encountered in the department. The assistant director has the task of assessing the work quality of the registered nurses and joining them in making patient rounds. The position has the duties of ensuring quality service of the registered nurses in the department. The assistant director is also an auditor of sorts because the duty calls for ensuring that the equipment and supplies are used properly and with utmost diligence. According to the assistant director of nursing job description, a major qualification for the assistant director position is the acquisition of a legal registered license for nurses.

To get the position, an applicant must know the assistant director of nursing job description. Expertise in clinical nursing is a must. Being the assistant director has many duties and responsibilities, and the applicant must be aware of these. Applicants for the position must hold a bachelor’s degree in a registered nursing course from a State-approved university. At least two years of experience on a managerial and supervisory level must be the asset of the applicant. The applicant must also have the essential license that is required by the federal state.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that there is a 22% increase in nurses applying for jobs until 2018. The assistant director of nursing job description must be considered when applying for the job. Hospitals employ the greatest number of assistant directors of nurses in the industry. Nursing homes are the second, followed by the agencies for social assistance. Government facilities hire assistant directors the least, compared to other institutions.